Bio: I don’t know if I have the right people. In 1999-2000, I was on a message board called “Women and Spirituality” on MSN. The women there were old enough to be my mother. The screen names that I remember most were Shaman, Innana, and Now a Christian. They cyber bullied me to no end. I was even told to take my own life by these women. I don’t think the message board exists any longer, but I wonder if this site is a spin off. Women, if you are listening, especially “Shaman”- I am still here and going strong. I have had a lovely yet challenging career helping children and had a daughter of my own in 2007. You didn’t approve of these preferences of mine, because of your radical feminism and hatred for children. It’s a shame that you took the name “Shaman” when you are such an ugly person. The goddess that you claim to believe in is “the mother of all that is”. Even Dianna had a daughter Aradia in Italian Strega. Even Parthenon Athena, a virgin, had an adopted child. I am glad I took none of your advice.

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